Gel Mania- iPhone Game- Arcade and Action Categories

★★★My dream was to make a great Causal Game that is easy to learn and fun to play for ALL THE PEOPLE around the world. I worked very hard day and night to make it happen!  I think this should be it, Gel Mania! Enjoy My Dream! ★★★

App Store Description

★Gel Mania is a Super Fun,Challenging,Addictive,Colorful 3D Speed Game for EVERYONE!★

★Tilt the device left and right to move the Big Blob and catch falling gels. Tap the buttons to match the colors!  Yes, this is Accelerometer One Touch Game for all ages!★

★★★★★★Easy to learn, Difficult to Master!★★★★★★

★Featured by Apple on New and Noteworthy and What’s Hot!
★3 Main Game Modes, Classic, All You Can Eat, Eat Big with lots of difficulty modes!
★100+ Levels on Each Difficulty Mode!
★18 Levels on Eat Big Mode!
★Amazing 3D Graphics and Bright Lively Colors, Retina Support!
★24 Fun Achievements Including Puppy Gel, Goo Machine, and  many more!
★14 Surprises In Game Rewards Including Angry Eyes, Monster City, Old Man Shirt, and More!
★5 Different Themes: Gelorama, Splatorama, Googoorama, Bloborama and I AM ROBOT!
★Game Center Enabled: Challenge your Family, Friends and the World!
★Score Posting on FaceBook!
★Accelerometer One Touch Game!
★Looks Great on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Game Modes

Mode 1 -Classic

Tilt the device left and right, press the buttons to change the gel color and match the same color falling Gels!  Hit the BOMB to explode it! Don’t forget to eat your Power Ups! 

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Advanced

Mode 2 -All You Can Eat!
You have 60 seconds to eat as many Gels as possible. No Bomb, No Life!

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Advanced

Mode 3 -Eat Big!
Eat Big Mushrooms, Avoid Small Mushrooms! (The first six challenges are great for beginners but gets very difficult at the end)

  • 18 Challenges

How to Play?


It Comes with 4 themes and 1 In-App Purchase (Robot)

  1. Gelorama!
  2. Splatorama!
  3. Googoorama!
  4. Bloborama!
  5. I AM ROBOT!( In-App purchase)


13 In Game Rewards!

Every caught gel has 1 point in all modes, you can unlock 13 different rewards with your Gel Counts to customize your game!

5 Animated Face for the Gels and 8 Different Backgrounds.

Angry Eyes! 500 Gel Count
Monster City! 999 Gel Count
Spaced Out! 2707Gel Count
Monster Pirate! 5000Gel Count
High in the Sky! 8123Gel Count
Moony! 11111Gel Count
Sunset Rainbow! 12222Gel Count
I C U! 15555Gel Count
Old Man Shirt! 19999Gel Count
FBI! 22222Gel Count
Squeeze Graffiti! 33333Gel Count
Happy Go Lucky! 44444Gel Count
Dreamy Night! 55555Gel Count

Game Center Achievements

24 Funny Achievements

1-Baby Gel  2- Mama Gel  3-Papa Gel 4-Kitten Gel 5-Facebook Gel 6-Puppy Gel7-Peanut Butter & Gel! 8-Goop Soup! 9-Goo-atude! 10-Sticky Fingers! 11-Sticky Hand!12-A Lot of Goo!   13-Great Googley Moogley! 14-Feel Funny! 15-Gelled 605! 16-Gooed!Googley Goo! 17-Muck Amuck! 18-Dr. Goopta! 19-Slippery When Wet! 20-Goo Machine!21-Super Soaker! 22-The Gooper!  23-Secret Gel! 24-Secret Gel!

Device Requirement

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad,Requires iOS 3 or later
14 MB

Pricing and Availability


App Store Link!

Developer Website download: Gel Mania-Review Material (4.18MB)
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